about us

the resort co

We are a company that is set on the singular mission of developing the worlds best resort wear for men.

Our goal is to create enduring and sustainable items that transcends seasons, meticulously selecting the finest materials and partnering with the top producers across Europe for each product in our collection.

The Resort Co is headquartered in Stockholm.

Our product Philosophy

We started our journey of making quiet luxury vacation wear as a solution to finding items that we wanted to wear ourselves.

And we continue to develop collections in this way.

We add a bit of playful beach wear for our trips to the tropics and when we feel up for a dash of color.

Quality fabrics and artisanal production is at the core of what we do. All our items are made by skilled hands in Portugal, Italy and Spain.

You'll feel our committment to quality materials when you touch and wear our products.

Seersucker Overshirt Sage - THE RESORT CO
Linen Jersey Shirt Light Blue - THE RESORT CO

Minimizing our carbon footprint

It's just not possible to make our products without a carbon footprint. However, we do our best to keep it as small as possible.

Our approach to reducing the carbon emissions related to the production of our products is to work with responsible factories in Europe (Italy, Spain, Portugal) and choose materials with lesser impact such as Linen, Organic cotton, Recycled and Upcycled plastics.